Class FrameEvent<F extends DynamicFrame<F>>


  extended by java.util.EventObject

      extended by sky.monome.event.GenericEvent<F>

          extended by sky.monome.event.frame.FrameEvent<F>

Type Parameters:
F - Type of dynamic frame that triggers frame events.
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class FrameEvent<F extends DynamicFrame<F>>
extends GenericEvent<F>

Frame event's information object. Frame events are triggered by DynamicFrame objects.

PJ Skyman
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Field Summary
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Constructor Summary
FrameEvent(long when, F source)
          Constructs a frame event with the specified time and source.
Method Summary
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Constructor Detail


public FrameEvent(long when,

                  F source)
Constructs a frame event with the specified time and source.

when - Time of this event, in milliseconds since the time zero in the Unix world.
source - Source of this event. DynamicFrame objects are sources for frame events.