Class InertiaMirroredFrameWindow

  extended by sky.monome.frame.AbstractWindow<T,F>
      extended by sky.monome.frame.AbstractInertiaFrameWindow<SizedFrame,InertiaMirroredFrameWindow>
          extended by sky.monome.frame.InertiaMirroredFrameWindow
All Implemented Interfaces:
DynamicFrame<InertiaMirroredFrameWindow>, Frame

public class InertiaMirroredFrameWindow
extends AbstractInertiaFrameWindow<SizedFrame,InertiaMirroredFrameWindow>

Window that makes a movable view over a frame with an inertia translation offset and with a mirroring effect at frame bounds. The mirroring effect needs an instance of SizedFrame instead of Frame.

PJ Skyman

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Field Summary
Fields inherited from class sky.monome.frame.AbstractInertiaFrameWindow
intX, intY, LOOP_TIME, loopTime, x, xIncrement, y, yIncrement
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eventListenerList, frame, windowContainer
Constructor Summary
InertiaMirroredFrameWindow(SizedFrame sizedFrame)
          Constructs an inertia mirrored frame window with the specified sized frame.
Method Summary
 LedButtonCouple.LedState get(int x, int y)
          Returns the led state at specified coordinates.
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Constructor Detail


public InertiaMirroredFrameWindow(SizedFrame sizedFrame)
Constructs an inertia mirrored frame window with the specified sized frame.

sizedFrame - Sized frame over which this windows makes a view.
Method Detail


public LedButtonCouple.LedState get(int x,
                                    int y)
Returns the led state at specified coordinates.

x - X-coordinate of the led state needed.
y - Y-coordinate of the led state needed.
The led state at specified coordinates.