Class Member<G extends Member.Group<?,G>>


  extended by sky.monome.behavior.StaticBehavior

      extended by sky.monome.behavior.Member<G>

Type Parameters:
G - Type of group associated to this type of member.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractRadio, Pad

public abstract class Member<G extends Member.Group<?,G>>
extends StaticBehavior

Member behavior. With this type of behavior, grouped led/button couples can work together. By example, it is possible to make radio buttons, or synchronized leds. Each member can be included into a group represented by the Group class.

SkyMonome v1.1
PJ Skyman

Nested Class Summary
static class Member.Group<M extends Member<G>,G extends Member.Group<M,G>>
          Group of members which is responsible for a common behavior between all associated members.
Field Summary
protected  G group
          Associated group.
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Constructor Summary
protected Member(G group)
          Constructs a member that is associated to the specified group.
Method Summary
 G getGroup()
          Returns the group associated to this member behavior.
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Field Detail


protected final G extends Member.Group<?,G> group
Associated group.

Constructor Detail


protected Member(G group)
Constructs a member that is associated to the specified group.

group - Group that will be associated to this member behavior.
Method Detail


public G getGroup()
Returns the group associated to this member behavior.

The group associated to this member behavior.