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Packages that use AnalogListener
sky.monome Main package of SkyMonome library. 
sky.monome.event.analog Package of all classes relative to analog events. 

Uses of AnalogListener in sky.monome

Methods in sky.monome that return AnalogListener
 AnalogListener[] Analog.getAnalogListeners()
          Returns an array of all listeners contained in the listeners list of this analog.

Methods in sky.monome with parameters of type AnalogListener
 void Analog.addAnalogListener(AnalogListener analogListener)
          Adds the specified listener to the listeners list of this analog.
 void Analog.removeAnalogListener(AnalogListener analogListener)
          Removes the specified listener from the listeners list of this analog.

Uses of AnalogListener in sky.monome.event.analog

Classes in sky.monome.event.analog that implement AnalogListener
 class AnalogListenerWithArguments
          Listener that listens to analog events.