Package sky.monome

Main package of SkyMonome library.


Class Summary
AbstractGroup<T extends Component> Skeletton class for all groups.
AbstractPageSwitcher Page switcher which can show different pages.
Analog Analog input soldered into the Monome device.
Component Monome component.
Container Monome container.
FrameGroup Group of leds that shows frames.
FrameGroup.PassiveBehavior Deprecated. Since SkyMonome v1.1, it is recommended to use the PassiveBehavior class instead of this one.
Group Group of components.
HookAnalog Warning, this class has not been tested !
LedButtonCouple Couple of a led and a button on the Monome device.
LedButtonGroup Group that contains exclusively led/button couples.
Monome Logical Monome device.
MultiSequencerGroup Group of parallel sequencers.
Page Page of components to be added in a page switcher.
PageSwitcher Page switcher that is capable to show no page if you want.
SequencerGroup Sequencer group.
SequencerPageSwitcher Single sequencer which works with multiple pages.
StrictPageSwitcher Page switcher that needs to show permanently a page, even at the beginning (the first page need to be added immediately after creation of this strict page switcher.

Enum Summary
LedButtonCouple.ButtonState Button state.
LedButtonCouple.LedState Led state.
Monome.MonomeSize Monome size.

Package sky.monome Description

Main package of SkyMonome library. It contains all classes of everyday use.